In Vastu Shastra, it has been told about the correct methods of applying the calendar. Progress is made by putting the right calendar in the right direction. According to Vastu, the old calendar should be removed. Put a new calendar in the new year. So that in the new year, more auspicious opportunities are obtained than in the old year. Time calendars change with the new year. Date, year, time, all these keep moving forward and inspire to keep moving forward. With the onset of the new year, the calendar changes in every household. Calendars affect our lives..

Calendar direction

Jyotishacharya Pandit Ravi Shastri explains that many times due to attachment to the old calendar, they do not remove it from the wall. According to Vastu, keeping the old calendar on the wall is not considered good. Doing so reduces the chances of progress in life. With the past year, you can be stuck in the past, even if those memories are pleasant. There may be such an incident in the future life that one has to look back again and again and think about the same year. This affects the future outlook. In the new year, there is a lack of energy to do new things.

Somewhere the attachment goes on increasing in the past year more than the coming year. Therefore, the old calendar must be removed from the wall and the new calendar for the new year should be installed in the house. So that the new year keeps getting more auspicious opportunities than the old year. And in the new year, we can make pictures of more beautiful memories than the old year.

It is auspicious to put a calendar in this direction.

According to Vastu, it is appropriate to place the calendar on the north, west or east wall of the house. Sometimes the pages of the calendar have pictures of violent animals, sad faces. These types of pictures infuse negative energy in the house. Such a calendar should also not be kept in the house. Putting a calendar in the east direction can increase the chances of progress, the lord of the east direction is the Sun.

Calendar directionWho is said to be the god who develops the qualities of leadership. Also the direction of sunrise is east. Keeping a calendar in this direction is considered very auspicious. It opens the doors of progress in the life of the child. If pictures are made on the calendar, then a calendar with the picture of the rising sun should be placed in this direction. Also, you can put a calendar with your adorable god, children or inspirational pictures in this direction. Red and pink colors have been used more on the calendar. Such a calendar would be the best choice for the east direction.

Calendar gives inauspicious signs in this direction

While placing the calendar in the house, take special care that the calendar should never be placed in the south direction. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a calendar in the south direction reduces happiness, prosperity and splendor.

The calendar you use in your house should never have any animal or sad face pictured in it, it is believed that because of such calendar, Vastu defects arise in the house.

Know profit and loss according to direction

North direction is the direction of Kubera. In this direction, calendars with pictures of greenery, fountain, river, sea, waterfall should be placed. Also, wedding photos, calendar with pictures of young life should be kept in this direction. Green and white colors should be used more on the calendar. Putting such a calendar in the north direction increases happiness and prosperity.

By applying the calendar in the west direction, many stalled works can be made, the west direction is the direction of the flow. Putting a calendar in this direction speeds up the work. At the same time, the efficiency of the person also increases. The corner of the west direction is towards the north. The calendar should be placed towards that corner. Do not place the calendar in the corner connected with the south direction.

The calendar should be placed on the north, west or east wall. The west direction is the direction of flow. Putting a calendar in this direction speeds up the work. Efficiency also increases. The corner of the west direction is towards the north. The calendar should be placed towards that corner. South is the direction of stoppage. It blocks the opportunities for the progress of the members of the household. The health of the head of the household also has a bad effect.

According to Vastu Shastra, calendar should not be placed on the main door and in front of the door. Because the energy passing through the door is affected. Also, due to strong wind, the pages can be reversed due to the shaking of the calendar. Which is not considered good. If the house is facing south, then take special care that the calendar is not placed on the main door.