2022 May has got to be one of the most beautiful months of the year. The weather is gorgeous, all of the flowers, Beds, and gardens are well into their growth, and summer is about to begin! It is the perfect month to take calendar advantage of all this goodness Week with some hiking, picnics, and long walks outdoors company work.

May 2022 Calendar Excel is a wonderful month. No wonder why it is so popular when it comes to romantic, work interests. Eliminate visitations, parties, planning, and any sort of hectic activities from your agenda in order for you to efficiently keep track of everything in a printable with notes calendar May.

May 2022 Calendar Excel

2022 May Calendar Excel May 2022 Calendar Excel

Special Days in May 2022

If you miss the chance of spending the holidays, festivals with your family and friends. What is the actual meaning of special events days? Because of the busy work office schedule and unflexible office hours. We cannot always spare some time we do for our loved ones, or even for ourselves.

May 2022 Calendar Excelsheet May 2022 Excel Calendar May Calendar 2022 Excel

May 2022 Calendar with Holidays

Date May 2022 Special Days
May 1 Law Day
May 1 Loyalty Day
May 1 Lei Day (Hawaii)
May 1 First Day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 3 Eid al-Fitr
May 4 Kent State Shootings Remembrance (Ohio)
May 4 Rhode Island Independence Day (Rhode Island)
May 5 Yom Ha’atzmaut
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 5 National Day of Prayer
May 6 Kentucky Oaks
May 6 National Nurses Day
May 6 Military Spouse Appreciation Day
May 7 Kentucky Derby
May 7 National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
May 8 Mother’s Day
May 8 Truman Day (Missouri)
May 8 Victory in Europe Day
May 9 ‘Truman Day’ observed (Missouri)
May 10 Confederate Memorial Day (North Carolina)
May 10 Confederate Memorial Day (South Carolina)
May 10 Primary Election Day (West Virginia)
May 13 Native American Day (Wyoming)
May 15 Peace Officers Memorial Day
May 19 Lag BaOmer
May 20 National Defense Transportation Day
May 21 Armed Forces Day
May 21 Preakness Stakes
May 22 National Maritime Day
May 22 Harvey Milk Day (California)
May 25 Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
May 25 National Missing Children’s Day
May 26 Ascension Day
May 30 Memorial Day
May 30 Jefferson Davis’ Birthday (Mississippi)