Christmas – The festival of Christmas is the main festival of Christianity. Which mainly children wait for the whole year. Christmas – Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ or Jesus.


On December 25, this festival is celebrated with full joy and gaiety in most countries of the whole world. In school, children are asked to write 10 Sentences about Christmas or (Christmas Essay) about Christmas.

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Let us tell you that in the year 336 AD, the first Christmas Day was celebrated in Rome. Christmas – On Christmas day people cut cakes, give gifts to each other and celebrate this festival by partying.

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Christmas 2022 – Christmas is such a festival, which is not only celebrated with pomp in foreign countries, but in India too, there is a lot of enthusiasm among people about this festival and people celebrate it till New Year. This festival sets an example of love and harmony. Let us know why Christmas – Christmas is celebrated.

Why is Christmas celebrated? What is the story behind it – Why we Celebrate Christmas

The Story Behind Christmas – Christmas Story
Christmas, the festival of love and harmony – The history of Christmas Day is several thousand years old. According to the Bible, the religious book of Christianity, the main god of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born on this day from the womb of Mother Mary, so this festival is celebrated.

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At the same time, it is also believed that even before the birth of Jesus Christ, it was predicted that a son of God would be born on earth who would grow up to become a king and his kingdom would have no limits.


Apart from this, it was also prophesied before the birth of Jesus Christ that, this son would liberate the whole world from suffering and would guide the people and teach them to walk on the right path and would save the whole world. For the time being, it happened later that he dedicated his life in the service of other people.

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Let us tell you that Mother Maryam and Yusuf got married. After marriage, both of them started living in a place called Brethlehem in the province of Judea. It was here that one night in the cowshed, Jesus Christ was born.


On the same day a star was shining very brightly in the sky and this made people realize that the Messiah had taken birth to escape the rule of Rome. At the same time, people used to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ as Christmas Day – Christmas Day.

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Different scholars have different views about the Christmas festival. At the same time, this festival has a different significance for the people of Christianity.


Let us tell you that in the beginning, the people of Christianity did not have a single opinion about the birth of Jesus Christ, some say 14 December, some 10 June and some used to celebrate his birthday on 2 February. At the same time, in the third century, celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ was started on 25 December.


Let us also tell you that fundamentalist Christians and purist Christians have always expressed their opposition to the celebration of Christmas festival.

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Whereas in the year 1645, when Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan army occupied England, they first banned the celebration of Christmas, but after a short time when Charles II ruled England, then Christmas again on public demand. The festival began to be celebrated.

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In Boston, there was a legal ban on celebrating Christmas from 1659 to 1681, even those celebrating it were fined 5 shillings, which was a lot according to that time. Apart from this, after the American Revolution, English methods were also considered bad. After this, on June 26, 1870, Christmas was declared a federal holiday for the first time in America.
In this way the festival of Christmas gradually started being celebrated all over the world. At the same time, a state holiday has also been declared in many countries on this day.

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However, different stories are prevalent about celebrating Christmas on 25 December. Christmas Tide also marks the beginning of 12 days of celebration. Christmas – On Christmas day, people make different types of dishes, cut cakes and meet friends and give gifts to each other. Along with this, there is also a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree.

Who is Santa Claus? – Who is Santa Claus

Today Christmas – Christmas festival means Santa Claus, who comes with Christmas – Christmas bell in his hands, wearing a red-white dress with a long white beard and long hair and hanging a bag full of chocolates and gifts for the children on his shoulders. Huh. And then gives gifts to the children and blesses them to live life happily.

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Children wait for Santa Claus all year round, while Santa is also called the Christmas Father. Because children have full faith that their beloved Santa Uncle will come and give them chocolates and gifts on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. At the same time, special programs are organized in most of the schools on this occasion. At the same time, the imagination of Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas was the father of Santa – Saint Nicholas

At the same time, Saint Nicholas, who was born one and a half thousand years ago, who was the bishop of the city of Mira in Turkey, is also considered the real Santa and the father of Santa.

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In fact, Saint Nicholas also had a special attachment to children and he used to give gifts to children. And at that time people had great respect for Saint Nicholas. From that time onwards Santa Claus was conceived.
Although there is no direct link between the birth of Saint Nicholas and Jesus,

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